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While it has only two sharp edges on its top cover, everything else is rounded, smooth to the touch and I’m not getting chills while handling expensive gear around it. I like that they used a minuscule LED light just above its power button, its dimmed and it isn’t bothering at all in late-night listening sessions.

I expected a rather perfunctory audition, with the KT150s blowing away the borrowed Electro-Harmonix KT88s. To my surprise, the KT88s more than held their own, sounding quite open, harmonically rich and detailed, and a bit brighter than the KT150s. I lacked the test equipment to measure power output, but with my rather sensitive horn speakers I didn’t notice a significant loss of oomph with the KT88s, although I’m sure there was one. A full review of the amplifier using KT88 tubes would be fun. One common misconception I hear from some audiophiles is that tube amps simply do not provide deep, rich, and articulate bass, especially single ended amps.

  • Vendors may be product developers, researchers, or other proprietors.
  • The new lower priced and far superior AMS-8 solves this issue with eight inputs and eight outputs, fitting into the wheelhouse of most installs.
  • A comparison would be good, but it shouldn’t have to be contentious when you’re only paying the lowball price.

I suspect some users will enjoy the Reference 75 SE’s hands-on manual bias adjustment. The VT80 SE even has a small “Hours” meter on the rear panel to measure tube download life. The amp comes with both balanced and unbalanced inputs, and a switch to select one or the other. The circuit is a hybrid design that uses JFETs and tubes to amplify incoming signals. The VT80 SE features an automatic tube biasing circuit that lets users install sets of KT120, KT150, 6550, KT88, or KT90 output valves. Not surprisingly, ARC recommends using tube sets which they’ve burned-in and matched at their factory in Minnesota. Alpine amplifiers are great for getting the most out of aftermarket speaker and head unit upgrades.

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Yeah, it should be okay, as long as you start at a lower volume then slowly increase from there so that you wont overdrive the input of the headohone amplifier. I first listened with my Sennheiser HD600 plugged in, and I can say that there was enough power to drive the HD600 to a respectable level even at just 0dB gain. Volume was not at all lacking, and dynamics were not subdued.

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How many op-amps, whether battery or AC powered do you think all your music went through? I am not saying that blind testing may not uncover that there is a difference or no difference in sound between the O2 and another amp. But “transparency” is as much of a relative buzzword as “coloration.” Without knowing if the O2 is actually measurably transparent, all a blind test will show is that Mike and L. Were hearing differences that either were there or weren’t. The bigger point is Mike and Lieven have a different philosophy on reviewing gear than NwAvguy. And I think it’s a bit unfair to be critical of a subjective viewpoint on the O2, its simply the way Mike has every reviewed every piece of gear on the site. It’s OK to critique the amp, but not the ideology behind it, as it ticks people off fast.

Users can preview changes, and track history by browsing commits, comments, and references related to their pull requests. It also supports collaboration by allowing users to comment inline and request peer reviews. Code review tools help ensure that ownership over code quality and security is shared, and that each voice is heard and addressed. This reduces friction between teams and also saves a lot of valuable time by providing team members with a platform for discussion and decision-making.

Using open-ended questions to determine personality traits also poses significant challenges, even when—or perhaps especially when—that process is automated. That’s why many personality tests, such as the Big Five, give people options from which to choose. Our candidate turned to MyInterview and repeated the experiment.

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