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A slender thread of water trickled along its center, which since issuing from the heart apk The Oregon Trail of its native rock could scarcely have been warmed or gladdened by a ray of sunshine. The reader need not prepare himself for a startling adventure, for I have none to relate. The head and shoulders belonged to Mene-Seela, my best friend in the village. His face was turned upward, and his eyes seemed riveted on a pine tree springing from a cleft in the precipice above. The crest of the pine was swaying to and fro in the wind, and its long limbs waved slowly up and down, as if the tree had life. Looking for a while at the old man, I was satisfied that he was engaged in an act of worship or prayer, or communion of some kind with a supernatural being.

Between 1841, when overland wagon travel began, and 1866 an estimated 500,000 emigrants headed west over the trail. Typical guidebook for pioneers, one of dozens published in the mid-19th Century, typically carried an inspirational verse on its cover. However, some poorly researched books left many travelers floundering in the desert or mountains. On May 22, 1843, the party left Elm Grove, twelve miles out of Independence. After a shakedown trek of 100 miles to the shores of the Kansas River (the site of modern-day Topeka) they elected officers. The mule trains left first, afraid they would get stuck behind the slower, ox-drawn wagons.

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  • During the Gold Rush of 1849, pioneers reportedly abandoned a whopping 20,000 pounds of bacon outside its walls.
  • Here were mules or ponies covered from head to tail with gaudy trappings, and mounted by some gay young squaw, grinning bashfulness and pleasure as the Meneaska looked at her.
  • Harris clashes with Capt. George Wayne, the leader of Polk’s agents, and they become involved in a love triangle over a young pioneer woman named Prudence Cooper.
  • Players who have a Trail Card that connects to the Trail must play it unless they are playing a Supply Card on that turn.
  • The wagons had traveled thirty miles that day from the previous camp at Clover Creek.

This area was referred to as the ninth crossing of the Sweetwater. A Pony Express station, a trading post and an army fort was in the area. The abundance of grass and good water next to Independence Rock made it a welcome stopping point for every wagon train. The goal was to arrive at Independence Rock by the 4th of July in order to beat the winter snows in the Blue Mountains of Oregon. A major confrontation with Native Americans occurred near Ft.

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In the Oregon Treaty of 1846, the British ceded the Oregon Country to the United States, and it became the Oregon Territory in 1848 by an act of Congress. The Donation Land Claim Act, which granted free land in the Oregon Territory, was enacted by Congress in 1850. The origin of the name Oregon has been obscured by the patina of history. Was it born of a mapmaker’s error, or as some believe, a derivation of the French Ouragan, referring to the “stormy place” of the Columbia River? Perfectly elusive, the source of the word Oregon swims in mystery where present scrutiny cannot touch it.

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