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The benefits include enhanced control over security because you will always know exactly where your data is stored (on-prem). In technical terms, it reduces the attack surface area. IT administrators also have significant control over how data is stored, including the level of encryption used. This enables businesses to tailor their storage solution to their organization’s specific needs.

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  • You love gaming with some specific keys especially when you frequently use them for other games.
  • You can use the same keys for all games even if it is not the default keys on the game.
  • (I’ve even been told that in a future version, rumble will be mappable as well).
  • Xpadder has separated the triggers as well as incorporating other features not included in Microsoft’s drivers such as deadzones for all analogue controls.

You can set it up to run backups continuously, once a day, or when prompted manually. Unlike the other options mentioned so far, BackBlaze doesn’t come with file-sharing or management capabilities.

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Instead, it offers a very secure backup service that keeps your essential files safe from malware attacks and system corruption. The emphasis is on security as functionality takes a back step.

Dropbox Business Standard is available for $12.50 per user per month when billed annually, for a minimum of three users. Dropbox Business Advanced is available for $20.00 per user per month, also for a minimum of three users. While the standard plan limits your storage space to a maximum of 5GB, the advanced plan is one of the rare plans to offer truly unlimited cloud storage for businesses. It comes with a very simple desktop application that you can use to drag and drop files directly into the cloud. These files can be in any known format as the system prides itself on compatibility. Files can also be circulated easily among users using the in-built share function, even if the person you’re sharing with does not have an account with Dropbox.

Microsoft OneDrive is the perfect cloud storage platform for businesses that already use the Microsoft 365 suite of applications. This is also referred to as cloud sync technology and is now a core component of most StaaS products. Security is crucial for enterprise cloud storage systems, particularly if you operate in a privacy-sensitive industry. Cybercrime is a constant threat to businesses, so investing in a provider with state-of-the-art security policies is a non-negotiable. The best providers protect not only the data but also the infrastructure that houses it. You can also edit files directly on the cloud, without the need to download them every time. From Outlook to AutoCAD, OneDrive is compatible with a variety of different other services, both internal and third-party.

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Security-wise, OneDrive offers a feature called the Personal Vault, which lets you lock away essential files safely with two-factor authentication and Bitlocker encryption. In its essence, it enablesyou take away any file or folder in your desktop computer and access it on a variety of other devices. It also comes with the ability to share files and folders with users who don’t have OneDrive. For those looking for even more features, Zoolz BigMind offers cloud storage with a dash of artificial intelligence thrown in. It comes with added features like image discovery and facial recognition to sort through your backed up files quicker.

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