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The Basilisk X HyperSpeed has fewer buttons and no lighting, but it’s comfortable, accurate, and responsive, and it can connect via USB or Bluetooth. The Logitech G203 is smaller than our top picks and has fewer buttons, but it’s just as customizable and its sensor is plenty accurate. The G502 Hero is xpadder for windows 10 comfortable for most hand sizes and grip styles, and it offers plenty of buttons, excellent build quality, and adjustable weights. I would like to see some kind of a profile system with different mouses. Now when I start to use another mouse, every time I have to go and change settings. It would be easy to just select a profile and all the saved settings will be applied at once.

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But it costs around $30 to $40, and it doesn’t feel flimsy or uncomfortable to use like many cheap mice. Compared with the excellent ratcheted scroll wheels on the G502 Hero and Basilisk V2, the ratchets on the G203 feel less defined and mushier. But the G203’s scroll wheel is textured and easy to grip, and its click feels easier to activate and more responsive than that of the wheel on the similarly priced DeathAdder Essential. Synapse 3 is not available for macOS, so you need a Windows computer to customize this mouse. Synapse 3 also offers a guest mode, so you don’t need to make a Razer account to customize your mouse, unless you want to save those settings to the cloud.


Works great with my Razer Deathadder, since the Razer Synapse software piece of crap always screws up the button assignment. "Problem solved where the default button/auto-snapping would move the mouse cursor to a toolbar button in Finder" This was driving me NUTS. SteerMouse is a must addition to my professional Mac software setup since years. Thanks so much to the developer for updating it constantly. The entire mouse, not just the thumb rest, was designed ergonomically; from the palm-rest shape to its height, it’s meant to cradle your hand to reduce fatigue. It’s definitely comfortable—like the build quality, certainly better than an average mouse. I didn’t review Logitech’s MX Master 3 myself, so I can’t speak directly to comparative comfort, plus everyone’s hand is different.

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In Synapse 3, you can customize the behavior of all the Basilisk V2’s buttons. The G502 Hero is built like a tank, with the best build quality of all the gaming mice we tested this year. The G502 Hero is also one of the heaviest gaming mice we’ve tested, at 4.3 ounces; it’s not too heavy to lift comfortably when you’re gaming, but if you prefer lighter mice, consider our other picks. The all-metal scroll wheel feels sturdy and has distinct ratchets. And as someone who frequently works in long documents , I appreciate the ability to toggle between ratcheted and no-friction scrolling. But compared with the Basilisk V2’s grippy textured rubber scroll wheel, the G502 Hero’s metal scroll wheel lacks grip, which makes using tilt-click difficult.

That said, our reviewer of that mouse sounded a bit more enthusiastic about it than I am about the Precision Mouse’s comfort, for what that’s worth. Michael Justin Allen Sexton is a life-long tech enthusiast and gamer. He began breaking down PCs and ancient video devices known as "VCRs" at the age of 10. When he isn’t gaming or tearing apart gadgets to learn how they work, he can usually be found reading history. He’s also a student of the Chinese language and has a first-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. As the Thermaltake Level 20 is an ambidextrous mouse, I spent some time using it with each hand. To my tastes, it fit equally well in my palm whether I favored my left or right hand.


The mouse’s rounded body doesn’t look or feel like anything out of the ordinary, but its simple design feels readily familiar. And thanks to rubber grips on each side, I never felt the mouse slip. At the heart of the Level 20 is a PixArt PMW3389 optical sensor that’s capable of resolutions up to 16,000dpi. The mouse also supports an ultrafast 2,000Hz polling rate that results in data being read every half a millisecond. WattMan allows for GPU overclocking of AMD cards, and with the launch of Ryzen, why not add CPU overclocking to the mix? There are a few major problems, some fundamental to the Zen architecture. For example, at stock the CPU cores may run at different speeds depending on workload, but overclock and you only get one speed for all cores.

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