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It’s hard not to get excited about some of the features on OpenShot because they are so intuitive that editors will love them. Key Frame animations, a massive number of layers, drag-and-drop image and audio, 3D tiles, over than 400 scenes transitions and loads of effects are all available.

Whilst it may not be suitable for professional video editing, InVideo is a brilliant business tool. It’s certainly an odd interface, but VSDC can be plenty of fun and a nice change from traditional editing suites. It also has some unique features, like picture-in-picture and video stabilization. The video editing software offers direct export to social media services like YouTube, Vimeo, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Sadly, VSDC Free Video Editor is rather slow video editor and throttles the processing speed on videos that are being edited. OpenShot is well known as one of the most robust free video editing software, thanks mostly to its myriad of features that are all free. It is also a versatile program, available on Windows, Mac, and Linux.Just like listed above Shotcut, OpenShot supports a whole bunch of video, audio and image formats.

That said, VSDC is also a rich manual video editing software. Clipping together footage and positing clips is a joy thanks to the non-linear editing capabilities on which VSDC is built. The program is featured with built in desktop recorder, webcam recorder and video recorder that works with connected video devices and DVD burner. VideoStudio Ultimate makes it quick, easy, and fun to make videos without complex controls and tools.

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It’s a feature set that won us over, and the program also does the simple things well. For example, clipping, scaling, rotating, and scrolling are all easily accessible for beginners and prosumers alike. There are some limitations in this video editor, such as a reduced timeline zoom , while truly professional editing tools are not the forte of this app. If you want to edit your videos or combine a new video clip you will need a full featured and all-in-one video editing software. There are so many different programs of this type today that you just need to figure out which one works best for you.

Despite its ease-of-use, it packs in a lot of features normally found in more professional video editing software. These include multicam editing, 4K and 360-degree VR video support, music and sound effects library, audio ducking, image stabilization, and over 2,000 effects and filters. Nero Video 2018 is a decent and affordable video editing tool. It has a rich set of unique features and great support for exporting videos to physical media. The unique workflow and interface does take some time to get used to for someone coming from other video editors.

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Filmora9 makes video editing simple with its easy-to-use yet powerful video editing features and tools, and its plentiful templates and effects. If you want to quickly create business presentations, InVideo has a range of fantastic pre-build video templates you can use. Moreover, new templates are regularly added to the library each month. Aside from templates, this video editor has the following features – audio tools, text overlay, speed adjustments, split & merge video, video stabilization, transitions.

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A video editor should not only support video files but image and audio files as well. We checked about two dozen of tools and are ready to Expat Shield provide you with the list of the best video editing software below. Filmora9 is the latest iteration of Wondershare’s video editing software. This desktop video editing app offers a simplified editing interface while still giving users control over their media. Filmora’s collection of editing tools includes all of the basics, plus speed and reverse clip controls, video and audio track separation and picture in picture support. As for image adjustments, users can improve image quality and dial in a look with a robust collection of filters and effects, including support for 3D LUTs. Re-branded as Filmora9 video editor, this video editing software has been popular around the world for several years.

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