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To sign up, open the Start menu, click the gear icon and choose Settings. Next, click Update & Security, and select Windows Insider Program from the menu on the left. To save time, you can also search “Windows Insider Program Settings” from the Start menu and press Enter. Click “Get Started” and follow the prompts to link your preferred Microsoft account. Additionally, Secure Boot, a system-wide setting that offers protection during the boot-up process, will also need to be enabled in the system BIOS.

  • But now you will find that the real block in running Windows 11 successfully is not the TPM chip — even though that is important — but the processor.
  • For consumers, Microsoft will continue to offer control and transparency over Windows Updates.
  • TechPowerUp measured the L3 cache latency on its Ryzen X at around 10ns, and Windows 11 increased this to 17ns.
  • Just recently the company also relaxed its CPU restrictions to include certain high-end seventh-generation Intel processors found in some of its Microsoft Surface Studio 2 PCs, as well as certain Xeon processors.

The internet requirement may make sense since Windows 11 will largely be delivered via a Windows Update, like many of the updates to Windows 10, so you’d need an internet connection to install it on your PC. You’ll need to make sure your machine has enough free storage space to install the updates, Microsoft notes in its spec sheet for Windows 11. Microsoft unveiled Windows 11 on Thursday, and its least expensive version Windows 11 Home will now require an internet connection at setup — and a Microsoft account. Previous versions would let you opt out of Microsoft accounts by creating a local account instead, though the company didn’t necessarily make it easy to find and pushed you to use Microsoft’s login instead. It’s possible you’ll still be able to use a local account afterwards. Currently, AMD processors approved for Windows 11 date back to 2018.

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The publication has accessed Windows 11 product configuration keys. The key also has a file for Windows 8, but the publication says that the operating system isn’t supported. This means that Windows 8 users will not be able to upgrade their devices to Windows 11 for free. The much-awaited next generation of Microsoft Windows is very much on its way. There is a supposed leaked build doing rounds too, though we’d strongly suggest you do not install that on your PC, purely because it is not official, and we don’t know where all it’s been.

How To Download, Install, And Setup Windows 11 2 Cases

But for those of you wondering if you’ll be able to jump from Windows 7, 8, or 10 to 11 for free, this is your confirmation. Jess is TechRadar’s Computing writer, covering hardware, PC gaming and peripherals. She also likes to dabble in digital art and can often be found playing games of both the PC and Tabletop variety, occasionally streaming to the disappointment of everyone. Snipping Toolwill still be available but the old design and functionality in the Windows 10 version has been replaced with those of the app previously known as Snip & Sketch. Math Recognizer will install on demand and includes the math input control and recognizer. Math inking in apps like OneNote are not impacted by this change.

You may need to download version 2.0 now from the Chrome Web Store. Windows 11 can also, finally, juggle apps across multiple displays without wreaking havoc on your workflow — something we knew was coming. If you disconnect an external monitor from your laptop, all of the apps from that secondary screen will just be minimized — but it’ll remember the placement for next time a monitor is connected.

We fixed an issue where the title of the Advanced Options page under Windows Update in Settings could be missing. We fixed an issue where Lock screen Settings had a toggle with no text. We fixed an issue where the button to disconnect a work or school account in Account Settings wasn’t working. We fixed an issue where Sign-in Options in Settings had an unexpected checkbox under Facial Recognition with no text. We fixed an issue with the animation in the touch keyboard when resizing it in Settings.

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